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Exclusive PGI.S items available now with 30% of sales being added to the announced $3.5 million USD prize pool


AMSTERDAM, NL - JANUARY 20, 2021 - KRAFTON, Inc., responsible for entertainment properties such as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG), today announced that the Pick’Em Challenge will be returning for the next premier global PUBG esports event, PUBG GLOBAL INVITATIONAL.S (PGI.S).

Throughout the event, players can obtain voting coupons by watching the esports broadcast and/or by purchasing exclusive event in-game items. Starting February 6,  these voting coupons can be used to predict the winners of PGI.S. Successfully predicting the winners will award Esports Points (EP), which can be redeemed for exclusive in-game items. 30% of the profits earned from the event’s item sales will be added to the event’s current $3.5 million USD total prize pool.

The PGI.S Pick’Em Challenge will feature three unique games for players to participate in and win. The first game gives players the opportunity to predict the top four teams for each of the eight Weekly Finals throughout the tournament. The second game changes depending on odd and even numbered weeks. For every odd numbered week (1,3,5), players will have the chance to earn a massive 200,000 EP for correctly guessing the MVP of kill points. For every even numbered week (2,4,6) players can earn 25,000 EP for correctly choosing the team that wins a Chicken Dinner during the Weekly Finals. The third and final game gives players the opportunity to win 50,000 EP for choosing the winner of the Survival Tournament held from March 5 through 7.

Players can leverage their EP to purchase various exclusive PGI.S items at the in-game Esports Shop, which will be open from January 20 on PC and January 21 on Console until April 14. The items below will be available for purchase, however, given the length of PGI.S, KRAFTON will add an additional batch of PGI.S items on February 27.

  • PGI.S VOTER’s BERYL M762 + (2 voting coupons)

  • PGI.S VOTER’S Mk47 MUTANT + (2 voting coupons)

  • PGI.S VOTER’S QBZ BUNDLE  + (2 voting coupons)

  • PGI.S VOTER’S DACIA BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons)

  • PGI.S VOTER’S BERET BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons)

  • PGI.S VOTER’S HOODIE BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons)

  • PGI.S VOTER’S SKIRT BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons)

  • PGI.S VOTER’S HELMET (LV.2) BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons)

  • PGI.S VOTER’S BACKPACK (LV.2) BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons)

  • PGI.S TACTICAL HOODIE SET + (7 voting coupons)

  • PGI.S COLORSHIFT WEAPON BUNDLE + (11 voting coupons)

  • PGI.S TACTICAL GEAR BUNDLE + (5 voting coupons)

  • PGI.S VALUE BUNDLE + (21 voting coupons)

  • PGI.S VOTER’S EMOTE BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons)


Players can also visit the Esports Tab once a week to earn a free weekly voting coupon. Additionally, players will occasionally see on-screen codes during the esports broadcast that can be redeemed for a voting coupon.

Meanwhile, as the longest global PUBG esports festival lasting 8 consecutive weeks from February 5th to March 28th, PGI.S will extend 32 invitations across North America, Latin America, Korea, China, Japan and Chinese Taipei.

For specifics, please find the latest PGI.S Pick’Em Challenge trailer here  along with the announcement blog here.

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